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Fashion elements of 2020 garments

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Update time : 2020-11-10 14:29:45
                                            Fashion elements of 2020 garments
On end of 2020, let's take a look at the fashion trends of the year.
There are mainly the following fashion elements:
1. The gauze
The translucent lightness of the tulle element satisfies a dreamy and romantic girlie heart that is both breathable and beauty, and brands such as BOTTEGA VENETA, PRADA, MSGM and ROKH continue the trend from the autumn/winter 2020/21 runway into this season.
2. Retro plaid
Retro elements have always been favored by the fashion circle. For retro elements appearing in daily wear, which has always been the favorite of designers. Designers of major brands used the plaid pattern elements on the show in 2020 without exception, such as CHANEL,DIOR,BURBERRY, etc.
3. The pleated
The skirt of pleated always can give a person grace and sweet sense of good balance, the pleated detail that begins popularity from 19/20 autumn and winter, what evolve in this season is more changeful, different fabrics feels character makes changeful fold, bring different fashionable feeling. Brands refer such as FENDI, GUCCI.
4. Loose sleeves
The wide sleeves are lively and hide the romance and nobility of the middle Ages, the classical romantic atmosphere that is hard to refuse. Such as MAXMARA, VALENTINO.