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How to develop a popular garment?

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Update time : 2020-11-05 09:44:42
                                          How to develop a popular garment
First of all, a designer is the soul of a clothing brand. How to make a clothing brand have a soul depends on the designer to look at more materials. In addition, the designer also needs to have the skills of being familiar with and analyzing fabrics.
Secondly, designers need to know the market environment and fashion trends at demestic and abroad.
Furthermore, when designing a garment, designer needs to draw two kinds of drawings, one is the design drawing, the other is the style drawing, both of them are indispensable.
The design drawing is mainly to see the overall effect, while the style drawing is mainly to remark important details and specific sizes spec.Iit is necessary to have a very clear design drawing when it comes to sample clothes. The next step is the choose of fabrics or yarns. As for a designer need communicate with the pattern maker about whether the choosed fabrics are practical. After the pattern maker has finished the pattern, designer need make further communicate with the pattern maker about whether there are any parts that need to be revised, so as to ensure that there are no problems before making the garment.
Every representative garment is made with 100% effort, and every link is inextricably , allowing no mistakes.