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Sweater with different pants

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Update time : 2021-01-08 10:08:22
                                                  Sweater with different pants
Sweater as a single popular product for Autumn&winter appear many times on street , believe you can have prepare 1 or 2 pcs on your wardrobe, today basically wants to talk about the 100 change of sweater to wear with everybody, after all, the collocation of sweater + small foot pants is too common, we want to know the newest popular trend of course.
1. Sweater + cigarette pants
A sweater and cigarette pants combine to create an intellectual, polished workplace image. Want to look a little more appropriate? It is suggested that the color scheme should be low-key.
2. Sweater + wide-leg pants
The casual style of wide-leg pants matches the sweater very well, and the combination of the two pieces has the beauty of elegant and atmosphere.
3. Sweater + irregular half skirt
Irregular skirt is to break the rule in the middle of the sharp tool that wear build, deserve to go up the sweater that does not wear well, absorb eyeball index to soar!
4. Sweaters + lace dresses
If you're already familiar with the basics, try more trendy outfits, such as mash-ups.
Wrap a sweater over a summer lace dress like this for warmth and layering. If you're worried about freezing your legs, pick a sock that matches your skin tone.