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Advantages and washing ways of cotton linen blended fabrics

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Update time : 2021-07-14 13:09:52
            Advantages and washing method of cotton and linen blended fabrics
Advantages of cotton and linen blended fabrics:
1. It is breathable and dry.
2. It is radiation protection.
3. It is anti-static.
4. It is inhibit bacteria.
5. It is have good sweat absorption.
Washing method of cotton and linen blended clothes:
1. Cotton and linen are soft. They will easily become deformed and wrinkled if you use the washing machine to shake them. It is best to wash them by hand with soap.
2. Do not use a hard brush and scrub hard to avoid fuzz on the cloth.
3. When washing black cotton or linen clothes, add strong coffee or tea to the last rinse water to make some faded clothes black as before.
4 Cotton white clothes are more easy get to yellow. You can add washing powder in the boiling water, the clothes into the immersion, cooking for about 30 minutes, you can make the clothes white clean.