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Advantages of acrylic fabric

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Update time : 2021-07-20 09:24:16
                                       Advantages of acrylic fabric
Acrylic fiber is a kind of tactile good fabric, its appearance is bright, and has excellent recovery performance, not easy to deformation.
Acrylic advantages:
  1. Elasticity: More elastic than wool, so when elasticity is 20%, the recovery rate can remain around 65%.
2. Heat preservation: acrylic fabric has better heat preservation than wool.Acrylics retain heat much better than wool fabrics because of their fluffy shape, curl and soft feel.
3. High strength: acrylic fabrics are stronger than wool.
4. Light fastness: Acrylic fabric has excellent light fastness.Acrylic has no problem keeping fiber in the sun.Acrylic fabrics made of fabric are less than 20 per cent stronger when exposed to sunlight for a year, demonstrating their usefulness.
5. Acid resistance: acrylic fiber textile products are generally not afraid of acid erosion, with good acid resistance.