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Retro Earrings Simple Acrylic Wooden Woven Earrings

Item No.: ERW-03
Specification:S, M, L
Transport package:Export Packing
Place of origin:China
Product Description
Main stone material Alloy+Acrylic+Wooden
Style Retro
Modeling Western style
Suitable for gift giving occasions opening ceremony, employee welfare, trade fairs, wedding, housewarming, public relations planning, birthday, tourism, anniversary, awards, festivals, advertising promotion, business gifts
Packaging independent packaging
Metal material Acrylic+Wooden
Color Light color
Product weight: 4g
Size Total Length 4.9*3cm

Note: The size is manually measured, due to different measurement methods,
There will be a little error, please refer to the actual product!
Avoid wearing when bathing
Jewelry is afraid of acid and can't touch detergent. Please also pay attention to the acid and juice such as seasoning.
Avoid contact with chemicals
Cosmetics such as hair spray, perfume, light clearing liquid and so on are easy to react with jewelry.
Avoid wearing when sweating
Sweat contains fatty acids and uric acid, which can corrode jewelry.
Fine cloth wipe jewelry
In the process of wearing, it is necessary to wipe with a fine flannel cloth to keep the jewelry bright.


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